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Team Finance allows companies to create, vest, lock, track, and spin up staking pools for their tokens.

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Secure and automate your token operations

Focus on building your company, free from worrying about your token management and operations.
We've combined all your essential token needs in one place.

Token creation
Token locks
Token vesting
Staking pools

Create a fully-audited token

Design and launch a token on any of our 15+ supported chains. Customize your token by adding burn, mint, and reflection functionality.

Custom token creation in 5 minutes

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Increase your token security and trust

Create a liquidity lock to help immediately increase community and investor trust.

Configure your token lock

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Make investors and employees 💙️ you

Reach the gold standard of token management by configuring investor and employee vesting schedules to make sure they receive the correct amount of tokens at the right time.

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Increase community engagement

The best web3 companies know how to keep people engaged. Create a staking pool to improve community engagement and reduce token sell pressure.

Create a staking pool in 5 minutes

Increase community engagement

Simplify the way you send tokens

Streamline the way you send tokens for TGEs, employee salaries, service payments and airdrop campaigns with the Team Finance Multisender. Secure batch sending of tokens across 16 blockchains.

Multisend tokens in a few clicks

Simplify the way you send tokens
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Giving web3 companies the tools they need to grow friction free

Token & Project Founders App

For founders

Have peace of mind that you're following the gold-standard for token management. Easily respond to questions from investors and your community about your token.

Team Token Management Tools

For the finance team

Administer payments and grants to employees or contributors. See how your token supply is distributed in real time.

DeFi Solutions for Investors

For investors

Assist your founders by helping them use a solution that reduces their stress and time spent on admin.

We care about your security

Our smart contracts adhere to the highest web3 security standards, ensuring the safety of your project.
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23+ supported blockchains

EthereumBinance Smart ChainAvalanchePolygonSolanaX LayerPulseChainFantomBlastMantleBaseEtherlinkzkSyncTezosConfluxAlgorandCasperArbitrumKavaEthereum ClassicCronosHecoVelas

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Token Management Provider Supports Tezos and Etherlink

Etherlink Token Services - Coming Next Week

Starting next week, all your favorite Team Finance services, including token multisender, vesting, minting, token locks & staking, will be available on the Etherlink network

Senior QA Engineer Job Opportunity in Web3 and Crypto Space

Web3 Senior QA Engineer Job Posting

We are looking for a meticulous and proactive QA engineer to join our team. Are you passionate about blockchain technology and quality assurance?

X Layer chain services now on Team Finance Token Management Platform

Launch on X Layer with Team Finance

With X Layer's integration, Team Finance users can seamlessly create, manage, and secure their tokens without needing any coding skills.

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