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Managing tokens is complicated

It doesn't need to be.

We cover the A-Z of token management so you don't need to. From automating vesting and contributor payments to token creation and locking, we've got it covered. Our mission is to help any company build in web3 by providing all the token tooling you need to launch and grow.


Ivan Anastassov, COO of TrustSwap,
at the WEF 2023 in Davos

Founding story

Team Finance was born from the desire to make crypto a safer place by leveraging smart contracts to create trust. Shortly after its inception in 2020, it was acquired by Trustswap.

Today, Team Finance is part of the overall Trustswap ecosystem, a 70+ strong team which also includes The Crypto App and Trustswap Lauchpads. Making crypto a safer place continues to be at the heart of what we do and the products we build.

Our Token Management Services & Tools

Token vesting

Let your investors, advisors and employees get paid automatically, without you having to lift a finger.

Token lockups

10x your investability and credibility by locking your liquidity provider tokens, project tokens, and NFTs.

Token creation

Create your own audited token in seconds. Set advanced features, such as minting, burning and more.

Staking pools

Reward your token holders for holding. Spin up a staking pool to help them maximise their yield.


Send tokens to hundreds of wallets addresses instantly in one simple action.

Ecosystem trusted worldwide

In addition to companies that have used Team Finance, our ecosystem includes millions of users of The Crypto App and dozens of projects that have been accelerated by Trustswap Launchpads. Using Team Finance allows you to become part of the Trustswap ecosystem, one of the largest in web3.

Learn more about how TrustSwap is shaping the future of DeFi.


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Locks and vesting contracts


Team members worldwide

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Experience the cutting edge of DeFi

We are a global, fully-remote team of 70+ experts spread across 20 countries, united by a common passion for web3 and drive to help the ecosystem succeed.

Fun fact - we've got 15 musicians among us. So if this whole web3 thing doesn't work out, keep your eyes open for our album drop 💿


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Come shape the future of finance.

Hundreds of people like you use Team Finance to build web3 projects each month

Companies that trust us


Token vesting

Setup automatic vesting schedules for your employees and investors.

Start Vesting Now


Token lockups

Automatically increase your credibility by locking your liquidity pool and project tokens.

Lock Your Token

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