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TrustSwap Makes DeFi Safer Through Lockups

TrustSwap is a decentralized application that allows blockchain projects to lock their tokens and LP Liquidity tokens in a non-custodial, time-released smart contract vault.

Why lock tokens and liquidity?

Locking the Liquidity Pool tokens of a project ensures that the liquidity cannot be “pulled”, and therefore, scam investors. Additionally, locking project tokens gives investors confidence that you will not sell tokens onto your project’s market, taking money from them.

Display Your Lockups with Confidence

When you lock liquidity or project tokens with TrustSwap, our platform publishes your lockup details and project information in an easy-to-read display, giving your investors confidence and security.

Investor Transparency and Security

Investors demand fast and reliable information to make decisions on which tokens to purchase. TrustSwap makes it easy to view lockup details, smart contract risks, and our internal scoring analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide "Token Locking" solutions for token developers and founders. This solution is much needed in the space, as it provides security to token investors, knowing that there is a structure to the TrustSwap's allocation of tokens.The infamous "rug pull" cannot take place if teams lock their Liquidity Pool tokens and their TrustSwap tokens. We make it easy for token developers to lock their tokens and show the public the details of their lockup smart contract.
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