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Token Vesting Contract Tool

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Web3 and Defi Companies31000+Companies Served
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Made by founders, for founders.

The token vesting process is simple!

Deposit your tokens into the Vesting smart contract and schedule the distribution. Tokens will be claimable by approved wallets in hourly increments over the period of time that you select.

Risk Protection

Easily end your vesting contract if an employee leaves without losing unvested tokens.

Vesting Contract Security

Employee & Investor Dashboards

Allow recipients to see their vesting progress, trade, and manage their token holdings via their personal claim portals.

Vesting Plan Dashboard

Reduce Sell Pressure

Customise your vesting cadence to your needs to reduce price fluctuations.

Vesting Cadence & Pricing

Founder Control Panel

See the total value of your tokens and upcoming vesting schedules via a dedicated & secure admin dashboard.

Vesting Schedules, Vesting Plans, Wallets, and Allocation Dashboard

Lightning Quick Onboarding

Upload existing plans in seconds via CSV, Excel or Google Drive.

Excel, CSV, Google sheets, and Token Vesting Spreadsheet tools

Security Toolkit

Combine Token Vesting, Liquidity Locks & Staking Services to create a unified and secure platform.

TrustSwap, Team Finance, Liquidity Locks and Staking Services Padlocks

Available blockchains

Our Token Vesting service is available across several major blockchains. Don't see your chain?

Vesting Smart contracts with ETH, BSC, Polygon, AVAX, Algorand, Velas and more.
Token Vesting Pricing, Features, and Vesting Provider Services

Pricing that suits your needs


one-time fee

iconUnlimited wallet addresses during initial setup
iconToken vesting dashboard for admins and investors or employees
iconFree claims for investors and employees
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Token Vesting involves locking a portion of a token supply and gradually releasing it over a set vesting period according to a vesting schedule. This process builds trust and credibility among investors by reinforcing security measures, and ensures that tokens are released in a secure and controlled manner.

21 supported blockchains

EthereumBinance Smart ChainAvalanchePolygonSolanaPulseChainFantomBlastMantleBasezkSyncTezosConfluxAlgorandCasperArbitrumKavaEthereum ClassicCronosHecoVelas

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