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Send tokens to hundreds of wallets in just a few clicks

Bulk token transfers made easy with our quick & user-friendly multisender. Secure batch sending of your tokens across 17 blockchains.

Launch the crypto multisender
Token multisender service and tool

Token distribution: 4 simple steps

One multisender dApp to send them all.

Multisender wallet

Connect wallet

Your favorite wallets integrated: MetaMask, CoinBase, WalletConnect & more.

Crypto token multisender logo

Select token

Select the ERC20 token from your wallet for sending, with ERC-721 and ERC-1155 coming soon.

Multisender recipient address

Add recipients

Upload and edit your CSV file or enter recipients manually with simultaneous data verification.

Multisend transaction fees and gas

Approve & Send

Confirm the transactions, pay the fee if applicable and the gas, and you're done!

Streamline the way you send tokens

Distribution, payroll, batch transfers, airdrop or make multiple payments on ETH, BSC, zkSync, Base & 11 more blockchains. Our multisender enables you to send tokens with ease.

Save time sending tokens

Send tokens in mass to any number of wallet addresses. No more sending countless individual transactions that takes hours. One simple action to send to all recipients.

Multisender Transaction wizard

Send tokens in a couple of clicks

Our multisender tool will guide you through the process in just a few clicks. Connect your wallet, enter or upload your distribution list, confirm sending. It's that easy.

Recipient Address and Token Configuration Tool

Transaction history at your fingertips

Streamline your record-keeping with our distinctive feature. Simply download a CSV file summarizing all your token transaction history.

Multisend Transaction Details Screen

Why use Team Finance's Multisender?

Token distribution

Send TGE tokens or distribute to investors and team members in a matter of minutes.

Pay salaries

Streamline payroll with an easier way to pay salaries and employee invoices.

Batch payments

Conveniently make payment for multiple services and accounts in one action.

Token airdrops

Efficiently manage sending tokens for your airdrop, reward and marketing campaigns.

Multisend tokens on 17 blockchains

Send Tokens on EthereumSend Tokens on Binance Smart ChainSend Tokens on AvalancheSend Tokens on PolygonSend Tokens on PulseChainSend Tokens on FantomSend Tokens on BlastSend Tokens on MantleSend Tokens on BaseSend Tokens on zkSyncSend Tokens on TezosSend Tokens on ArbitrumSend Tokens on KavaSend Tokens on Ethereum ClassicSend Tokens on CronosSend Tokens on HecoSend Tokens on Velas

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Hundreds of recipients for only $50

Send tokens to any number of wallet addresses in minutes.

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