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Design the optimal tokenomics for your project

Easily customize your tokenomics, launch parameters, distribution schedules, and more with the Tokenomics Tool.

Optimal Tokenomics Tool

Steps to create project tokenomics

Use this Google Sheets tool to help you create the perfect token economics model for your project.
Here's how it can help:


Plan your allocations

Easily manage token allocations for your investors, team members and community.


Design your vesting schedule

Customize vesting schedules to align with your project goals and incentivize long-term engagement.


Configure your token parameters

Customize your token parameters including supply, taxation, burn, and mint features.


Visualize your data

Use dynamic charts to visualize and analyze your tokenomics data in real-time.


Manage sale events

Plan and schedule key events and milestones in your token sale.

Custom tokenomics design from our team of experts

We've designed tokenomics for leading token projects helping them raise funds. We understand all projects are unique. Speak to our team to see how our launch service can help you.

DeFi projects
NFT projects
Metaverse projects
Gaming projects
AI projects
Governance projects
DAO projects
Social projects
Asset backed tokens

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