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What is the project about? The $G is an impact to earn token, so you can get paid for taking action and donating to the most important social and environmental impact projects in the world. There’s a global marketplace for ethical and sustainable brands you can only buy from with the G coin, through the good you do for people and planet. So you could pay your renewable energy bill with G coin, or buy a limited edition G Revolution Patagonia T-shirt. What makes your project unique? The $G is the first, foundational piece in a web3 ecosystem of NFTs, tokens and DAOs we hope will help change the face of impact, and maybe even crypto, for good. History of your project. We have launched a working app in the app stores, and a community of users and organisations, and a pilot for organisations to engage their employees in impact. What’s next for your project? Just launched the $G. Next is a dynamic fundraising NFT collection. And our global rewards marketplace. What can your token be used for? The $G is the currency of our impact economy. It can be earned through taking action and making donations in the Good Empire app, and redeemed in Good Emporium, global rewards marketplace of ethical and sustainable brands, and users c

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31 Aug 2023 12:10
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