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EG is a community-owned token at the heart of a powerful ecosystem. From enterprise integration to real-world giving, EG is at the forefront of meaningful social impact with crypto. EG is a blockchain tech startup founded in 2021, with the express goal of unlocking social impact through innovative incentives and powerful products. First launched under the rallying cry “Elongate”, the first version of the EG token exceeded $1M market cap in 24 hours and $600M market cap in 5 weeks. Dedicated to leveraging virality and current trends to make social impact fun and exciting, the community has donated over $3.7M to worthy causes and partnered with major brands. Rebranded for 2023 investors, EG is committed to finding the good in crypto and doing good with it. EG Token is at the heart of an Exosystem which fuels a number of products. See our ecosystem here - https://egtoken.io/ecosystem

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