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What is the project about? NEUROS is the primary token of Shockwaves, an online blockchain game designed to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience through its innovative blend of AI-driven NFTs, algorithmically generated cities, and music-infused gameplay. What makes your project unique? The use of AI in a blockchain game solves several central issues Web3 games and metaverses have, namely the blockchain user adoption problem and the selling pressure caused by players who only want to earn. Through its unique gameplay, Shockwaves appeals to users both within and outside the blockchain space. History of your project. Based in Switzerland, the NEUROS team of engineers has extensive experience in the development of AI, as well as technically challenging Web2 and Web3 games. What’s next for your project? The aim of the NEUROS project is to blur the distinction between human players and AIs in the game itself and its economy by giving AIs similar power of action to their human counterparts. What can your token be used for? NEUROS serves as the primary token of Shockwaves. The NEUROS can also be staked to receive rewards in the form of NFTs with in-game utility, as well as additional tokens. Token holders can also participate in the governance of the project by voting for important project decisions and community proposals.

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22,096,389.00 NEUROS

01 May 2023 07:43

26 Jul 2023 07:42
3,600,000.00 NEUROS

01 May 2023 04:15

27 Jul 2023 08:00
237,500.00 NEUROS

01 May 2023 04:06

28 May 2023 12:00
416,666.67 NEUROS

01 May 2023 09:12

01 Nov 2023 02:00
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